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Jide Williams Quick Responder

 United States of America

Software Product Manager - Toptal

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I have spent the best part of my product management career as a freelancer on two of the largest developer networks globally and this has exposed me to several business verticals. I have had the privilege to work remotely within over 20 unique teams in 6 continents and across several industries.
Some of the industries I find very exciting are Healthcare, Financial Services (or FinTech), Education (or EduTech), Advertising (or AdTech), E-Commerce, Agriculture and Gaming.

My career journey has also put me on a continuous learning path where I have played several roles (e.g. Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager and sometimes, QA tester) in order to deliver the best results for clients in different parts of the world.

I must also mention that I found myself in this field by chance and since then, I have never looked back because it has been the most curious role I have ever taken up in my 9-year professional career journey which kicked off in sales and business development.

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