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Thesis worker: computer vision - Volvo Cars

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Hello everyone! I am Ludovico.
I am currently a graduate student in Applied Mathematics, with lots of hands on experience:
I am currently carrying out my master degree thesis at Volvo cars in Gรถthenburg, where I am focusing on computer vision problems.
I have worked with the Alan Turing Institute full time from September 2020 to December 2020 focusing on Machine learning enhancement's in Julia and modelling techniques for COVID-19.
I have been a Machine learning engineer focusing on Computer vision tasks at ClearBox.ai and a Data scientist for a Vodafone project using mainly Python and Julia.
Most importantly, I am the founder of Surrogates.jl, an open source library that deals with approximations of solutions of Differential equations.
I have created the library and worked on it during the past two Google summers of code. I will be giving a talk at SIAM CSE 2021.
If you want to kick-start your career working on Machine learning and Data science, I am your guy!

Ludovico is very knowledgeable is Machine Learning, Data Science, overall math and python. He is always willing to help, explain difficult topics and always available for a call. I enjoy working and learning with him a lot. Looking forward to continue my learning journey with Ludovico.

Testimonial by Tomas from January 2021

Ludo is a really fantastic mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable and brings a positive, encouraging attitude to all of our sessions. I would highly recommend working with him!

Testimonial by Adam from January 2021

Ludovico is very knowledgeable in data science and a great mentor. He is very responsive to emails, provides clear outlines for weekly tasks and gives insights into the world of data science. He provides many resources for learning, building projects and preparing for interviews. I would highly recommend him as a mentor!

Testimonial by Anthony from January 2021
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