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Luis Andrade Quick Responder New Mentor

 United Kingdom

Data Scientist - Spotify

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I’m passionate about solving impactful business problems using data. I also enjoy mentoring aspiring data scientists in order to help them successfully enter the job market or switching careers.
Over the last 3 years, I have been working with data within enterprises in order to find actionable insights by exploring, enriching, analyzing, modeling, and visualizing data. I often start by discussing the business problem with the relevant stakeholders, defining goals and KPIs. I then undergo a data audit to understand all the data that is available and relevant. I proceed to analyze and model the data, and go on to produce data products or visualizations which I deliver using data storytelling techniques.
I have also been actively involved in teaching, and have taught and mentored 100+ students and professionals at data science courses, bootcamps, and corporate events.
If you want to jumpstart your career in Data Science and develop yourself as a professional, let’s have a chat!

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