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Nilesh Arnaiya

Data scientist & AI mentor - & Udacity

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Hi ,
I am Nilesh Arnaiya , I am a mentor at Udacity and I've worked for a few companies "Aptech" , "Venn Think Labs" and also worked with ClassCalc and Shortfundly to make their products and development better. I currently work in speech synthesis at
I am in love with AI tools and methods and have been working since the past 5 years in learning and developing products that have helped the healthcare industry and luckily was funded well. Closeness to industry professionals as well as professors from various universities helped me learn a lot and can help my mentees with the networking or internships too, provided the student is "great".
I have always assorted to use the best tools , languages suitable for a particular project . It is the most important thing because in the long run it makes development a lot easier . Work in a team even if you are alone , find a slack group or a meetup and make like-minded friends and also if you have friends doing the same in college , get on with an idea and start working on it. Get help , Ideas will die in your brain if you don't share and act on them
I just want to help the community of developers and help them how to use the tools avaiable to find the best answers and move forward with their life
Let's begin this journey!

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