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Hi ,
I am Nilesh Arnaiya , I am a mentor at Udacity and I've worked for a few companies "Aptech" , "Venn Think Labs" and also currently working with ClassCalc and Shortfundly to make their products and development better.
I have always assorted to use the best tools , languages suitable for a particular project . It is the most important thing because in the long run it makes development a lot easier . Work in a team even if you are alone , find a slack group or a meetup and make like-minded friends and also if you have friends doing the same in college , get on with an idea and start working on it. Get help , Ideas will die in your brain if you don't share and act on them
I just want to help the community of developers and help them how to use the tools avaiable to find the best answers and move forward with their journey

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