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Nilesh Arnaiya

Data science & AI mentor - Udacity

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Hi, I am Nilesh Arnaiya. I am a mentor at Udacity.
I am an AI enthusiast and have been working to develop products that have and will help the healthcare & agriculture industry. Working with industry professionals as well as professors from various universities helped me learn a lot and as well as make good connections and research contributions.
I encourage my students to do more applied research work.
I have always assorted to use the best tools suitable for a particular project.
I want to help the community of developers with the best learning path and resources to achieve their long term goals.
I use Trello Boards and Slack to communicate most of the things
Also, I use e-mail and WhatsApp for some of my students.
There is also inter-communication between different mentees working on various projects and developing a substantial portfolio. In the end, they can switch jobs or take up new tasks quickly.
If you have the right confidence and good at self-learning and dedication, this mentorship is for you.
So Let's begin this journey!


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Engineering & Data JavaAndroidPythonResearchDeeplearningUnityMatlabMEANSTACKComputerVisionMathformachinelearningDataScienceHadoopRFlutterKotlinJavascriptOpenSource

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