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Data science & AI mentor - Udacity & Buildawn Labs

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Hi, Let me introduce myself.
I am Nilesh Arnaiya. Mentoring at Udacity for 2+ years now & working at Buildawn.com
I follow Feynman and Turing in my everyday life and have been working to develop solutions in deep reinforcement learning, training agents, a step towards the ultimate goal of AGI.
Growing up I had a couple of mentors myself, motivating me to publish papers, projects, having high ambitions and goals that are defined by a process.
I encourage the community of self-learners with the best learning path and resources to achieve their long term goals. No Distraction from tons of resources on the internet.
Communication is open - we use a ton of apps - skype, zoom, etc.
Peer learning is encouraged and for projects - you can choose soft and hard deadlines and to work with other peers if available.
If you're ready to dedicate the time and you need discipline, this mentorship is for you.
So Let's begin this journey.
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