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Data scientist and Former Android Developer @ Genuin Inc

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Hello, I'm Nilesh Arnaiya. I've been mentoring on this platform for 3 years now and I'm currently working as Data scientist at Genuin Inc and previously as an Android Developer, Also I've extensive mentorship experience from my stint at mentoring with Udacity.
Growing up I had a really good mentor with me, motivating me to read research papers and replicate the studies, do quality projects with large datasets, having high ambitions and goals that were defined by a process. I understand the importance of having a mentor and what it means now that you've taken your first step.
I encourage everyone to become a self-learner with the best learning techniques and resources that I have to achieve their long term goals.
Organized tasks and disciplined schedules is one of my ways to provide effective mentorship.
If you're ready to dedicate the time and you need discipline and time management, do apply to this mentorship.

Note: If you want to know more before making the decision of starting long-term mentorship, please book a "session" instead which will help you gain more insights.

What students say

"Nilesh is very great at communicating hard concepts in simple terms, really a great experience!"
Mohammed, February 2021
5 stars
"Great resource, and provided great feedback :)"
Karla, May 2021
5 stars
"Great mentor, good investment!"
Aleksei, April 2021
5 stars
"Good and supportive."
Mohamed, July 2021
5 stars

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