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Riccardo Giorato

VR/AR and Web Developer - Dianacorp

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My main focus areas are three:
1. Quick and fast web apps both client and server with less code!
2. Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality 3D apps!
3. Photogrammetry and 3D scanning environments or objects

1. I can help you with ReactJS, Graphql, and Apollo to be able to build web applications as quickly as you want!
2. I have worked in niche topics like photogrammetry or 3d scanning while developing applications for virtual reality or augmented reality with Unity3D for various companies in the game, entertainment industry.

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Engineering & Data reactjsgraphqlapollohasuraunity3dphotogrammetryc#virtualrealityaugmentedrealityarfoundationunitypostgresql

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Italy Italy