Samuel Rafini  Top Mentor

Software Engineer @ Box

5.0 stars
5.0 (24 reviews)

I'm a software engineer currently working at Box. I am responsible for web or mobile applications and servers mainly with React / Angular / Vue and Nodejs. Basically everything Javascript and Golang. I'm Looking forward to supporting mentees and learning from them.

What students say

"Samuel was my mentor for a long time , he so intelligent and all the time finding solution to all my issues while coding , also with him I learned a lot of new topics and tools that more relevant in web development market which improved my skills and work , he always gave me the time whenever I need. Thanks a lot Samuel "
Hiba, June 2021
5 stars
"I am having a great experience with Samuel as my mentor for the past couple of months. He has a terrific attitude - his commitment to us is unquestionable. He brings along a ton of work experience and real-world problem solving skills, which is really helpful to the people wishing to learn from him."
Venkateswar, September 2020
5 stars
"Samuel has been an amazing mentor who has provided invaluable guidance for my work done towards my project."
Shweta, September 2021
5 stars
"Samuel is an amazing mentor, he has been very helpful every time I needed him and I was able to learn a lot of new concepts just with his experience. I wish I found him earlier, he always knows what to do. I really recommend him!"
Said, December 2020
5 stars
"I'm happy to have worked with Samuel. The way he explains concepts is really easy to understand. "
Elisa, June 2021
5 stars
"Samuel is a great mentor, because no matter what question I approached him with, he always found a solution. With him as a mentor my project went far beyond my expectations. He made me think in a bigger scale and supported me on this way. He also is very kind and always complied with my timing and task suggestions. "
Kay, May 2022
5 stars
"Awesome, Samuel is a great mentor."
Mohamed, April 2022
5 stars
"The menthorship was good"
Mirel, March 2021
5 stars


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