Sundeep Teki, PhD
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AI Scientist & Consultant @ Ex: Amazon Alexa AI, Oxford, UCL

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Sundeep is a leader in AI and Neuroscience with professional experience in BigTech (Conversational AI at Amazon Alexa AI, Seattle), unicorn Startup (Applied AI at Swiggy, Bangalore), and Academia (Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford University and University College London).

Sundeep offers personalized coaching and mentorship for:
(1) Job interview preparation for AI/ML/Data Science roles at FAANG,
(2) Graduate applications in AI/ML for MS/PhD,
(3) Scientific writing for research papers and technical blogs,
(4) Startups building AI/ML tech products wrt roadmap, strategy and hiring.
(5) Long-term upskilling and coaching in AI/ML/Python/Research

Sundeep has mentored 100+ candidates from graduate students (Oxford, UCL) to software engineers and data scientists (Amazon, Swiggy) as well as students and working professionals via his own startup, EduChroma. He relies on strong empathy, listening, intuition and his understanding of the human brain as a Neuroscientist to guide his mentees towards the most suitable course of action to realise their goals.

He has published ~50 papers in AI and Neuroscience (2000+ citations), built and deployed AI for consumer tech products like Alexa and Swiggy, secured GBP 500,000+ in research funding, and is recognised by the Royal Society, UK as an ‘Emerging Leader in Neuroscience’.

For more information and customer testimonials, see my website:

What students say

"Sundeep has great mentorship skills. He has in-depth knowledge of the AI/ML domain and knack for coaching. He was able to point out things I needed to work upon and shared his comprehensive feedback based on our interactions. I would highly recommend him for guidance/ mentorship. "
Abhishek, March 2021
5 stars
"Sundeep is quite skilled & knowledgeable in guiding & coaching in the ML/DL areas. His extensive experience and understanding of practical solutions derived from recent research in the field let you develop the roadmap for the interviews & developing ML skills efficiently and effectively. "
Himanshu, April 2022
5 stars
"Sundeep is great, he is very knowledgeable about his field. He is a skilled mentor who could help me within our first session get clear on my priorities, establish a solid plan for achieving my goal as a software engineer."
Jacob, October 2021
5 stars

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