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Founder, EIR, Investor @ 500 Startups / Storefront / SocialEarth

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Hey there! Here's a short bio on my background for you:

Tristan Pollock is an international entrepreneur community builder who has helped strengthen startup ecosystems across 50 countries from Australia to Scandinavia and Russia to Saudi Arabia. He has started and sold two companies, SocialEarth and Storefront. The first he bootstrapped. The second he raised $10 million in venture capital for and grew to be the de facto marketplace for retail space, being named Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work. After exiting Storefront, Tristan joined 500 Startups and has awarded $30 million in funding to over 220 startups.

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What students say

"He's given me great advice and helped clear up things I thought were difficult. Really appreciate everything he's done!"
David, May 2020
5 stars
"Tristan is very knowledgeable and helpful. He checks in regularly. Highly recommended!"
Gareth, April 2020
5 stars
"Really great and knowledgeable mentor! "
Julia, January 2021
5 stars
"Tristan is a great mentor, with a vast knowledge base on entrepreneurship. He has been very helpful in guiding me through the sheer complexity of information that you find online, his links being t..."
Siddharth, May 2020
5 stars

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