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Yasser Hossam


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Data Science Expert | Helped 150+ student and professional land a career in data - DataZone

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I spent my entire career science 2010 working with data as a business intelligence and data analytics consultant, helping organizations overcome their data challenges, get the most of their data and make sense of it. Also, I've mentored more than 150 mentees to land a career in data analysis, data engineering, and data science through a very practical process.

About me:
In the previous 10 years, I've worked with a lot of startups, enterprises, and governments worldwide in a variety of consultation projects, starting from putting their overall data and business intelligence strategy, to managing and scaling the whole business intelligence data analysis process to make sure they are getting the most of their data, and make better decisions based on their data and possibly other available data sources, In most cases I start by understanding the business to identify KPIs, Then understanding all the data sources and working at the data modeling level creating data warehouses, data lakes, and ETLs, then I work on data visualization and data storytelling level to leverage the whole decision making process.

Also I've provided many corporate training workshops to employees within their organizations and worked with them on capstone projects that are related to their organization where they apply what they learned directly to their current work situations. And I regularly provide online and offline workshops and public sessions in data analysis and visualization. Also, One of the things I enjoy doing is mentoring students and professionals sharpen their data skills and achieve their career goals, I've mentored a lot students and professionals to change their career paths and land a career in data through a very practical process of learning by doing real-life capstone projects.

About my mentorship process:
1- Fast skills evaluation.
2- We choose the path that we will follow together (DBA, BI, DA, DE, DS).
3- Create a customized learning and practice plan.
4- Then I will be providing real-life detailed projects and making sure we learn the market-needed technologies and apply all the best practices.
5- Optimizing resume, LinkedIn profile and professional portfolio to make sure we're communicating our skills in the best way possible.
6- Interview preparation and setting next goals after getting hired.

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasser-hossam/
My Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19rz4IB908M_hiYIOAGj4ZV_woajk2QYr/view

I received very good support and guidance. Thank you very much for your time.

Testimonial by Evelyn from October 2020
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