Yasser Hossam

Data Analytics Consultant - Eventatak

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I've spent my entire career working with data, I'm a highly qualified Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consultant and I've been consulting and developing business intelligence and data management solutions since 2010.

I'm extremely passionate about data, Dealing with data, From data modeling to data performance management and everything in between, is my daily practice, hobby and the thing I really love to do, Also I've worked on some web development projects related to data management and data visualization.

I've started my career in 2010 while I was a student as a freelance software developer, By 2012 I've joined Bizware Int. as a BI developer, since that my role has been evolving as BI Developer, Senior BI Developer, Technical lead and BI Consultant and I've involved in the all phases of the projects life cycle. Then, I've decided to work as an independent consultant working on amazing data analytics and data performance management projects around the world. I've provided development and consulting services to more than 30 company worldwide like Pendo Management Group in USA, Geo Media in England, Ministry of Justice in Qatar, IPS Pharma in Lebanon, Osher Technologies in Brazil, Quakbox in USA, Linxerve in USA, EBLA Corp in Qatar, Moreover, I gave many offline and online training courses and public sessions in data science and database development especially in SQL, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence,TM1, PowerBI and Microsoft BI stack.

Also, I’ve won many competitions in data science, I’ve won the first place in Ajman Hackathon for creating a dashboard and decision support system in UAE, also I’ve won in Product Development by Micro and Small Enterprises competition in 2014 and 2015.

I'm very motivated and passionate about anything related to the data.

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