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Are you a junior developer looking to fast track your career in web development? Do you need guidance on learning the right and up to date content, building real-world projects, and preparing for job interviews? Look no further! I am a Senior Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in …

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Hello there. πŸ‘‹ My name is Jake. I am a software engineer based in Sydney. I have more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and have spent half of it in senior and technical leadership roles. I have a passion for finding user-friendly solutions to complex problems, and …

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A Data Science Consultant with varied experience in Industry and Research of over 5 plus years. I am passionate to solve business problems and experience in interacting with stakeholders and customers. Extensive proficiency in building machine learning models. With a strong believer of β€œlearn, share, grow” ideology, I enjoy mentoring …

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I am Head of ML in a tech startup in London with 6+ years of experience in computer vision and deep learning. I have built, grown and mentored a team of 20+ engineers. I have a Ph.D. from Princeton University (USA) with multiple years of teaching experience at graduate and …

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I am a Staff Software Engineer working with Meta, London since 2021. I have been in the Tech Industry since 2006 working in a variety of domains such as Insurance, Invest Banking, Retail and Social Media. I like working on complex problems specifically in the large-sale distributed backend applications.

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As a hiring manager, an IC and a CTO leading international products there are a lot of experiences to draw on and its been my pleasure to see those I've worked with from bootcamp graduates and recent grads go on to become founding engineers and founders. Across every experience one …

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From machine learning engineer to solutions architect, data engineer, and data scientist… I have worn many hats throughout my career, helping teams and companies deliver value-driven solutions to predictive analytics and data science challenges. I have hands-on experience in solving real business problems using techniques from time-series forecasting, recommender systems, …

Hi! I am a PhD data scientist and ML engineer with >5 years of exeperience at large and small companies covering software tech, biotech, and utilities. Before working in industry I published papers on neuroscience and computational neuroimaging. A summary of my industry experience: 1) I designed and built real-time …

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