Aakarshit Mehra

Manager, Product Management @ Amazon
Product Leader for Amazon's Payment Products in Europe
United Kingdom Active last month Usually responds in a day or two


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I am a seasoned product manager with a business, tech and data background. I started as Software Engineer, followed that up with an M.B.A from a top Indian B-school, worked as a data scientist before eventually making a move to the coveted field of product management.
Currently, I lead payment products for Amazon's small business customers in Europe and have experience launching multiple products from 0 to 1.

Here are topics I can help mentees with -
1. Switching to Product Management from various backgrounds
2. Guidance for new product managers
3. Launching products from 0 to 1
4. Working with cross-functional teams
5. Managing other product managers
6. Navigating big tech
7. Interview preparation for product roles



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