Adrian Finzelberg

💰 Click for $100 discount // Award-winning Product Innovation & Brand Strategy // Startup Advisor & Coach @ Microsoft • xBox • Telekom & more 🚀
15+ years of experience • Helping you super-charge your product & brand innovation!
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💰 Reach out today for an exclusive limited time discount of $100
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After 15+ years of experience at A-List companies in NYC, London & Berlin and having started multiple ventures and acquired funding.
I am here to provide world-class insights and actionable advice if you:
1. Are a new Startup founder or CMO and want to up your product & brand innovation
2. Aspire to become a Startup founder, CMO, Creative Director or Brand Strategist and want to create highly competitive and impactful new ideas for products or brands
3. You own or lead an ambitious marketing & digital creative agency or service company and want to play at the next level and win more awards and clients

What exactly you can expect if you are…
1. A new Startup founder or CMO and want to up your creativity:
Creative process, innovation ideas and general creative guidance for innovative new products and brands
(I helped many startups design, redesign and launch their products and brands and succeed in the market working closely with their in-house teams and empowering to play at agency level themselves.)

2. Aspiring to become a Startup founder, CMO, Creative Director or Brand Strategist:
Portfolio help, creative feedback, insights from top agencies, and advice on how to create more impactful new product and brand ideas and strategies
(I have taught, trained and hired at some of the most competitive creative agencies in the world.)

3. The owner or leader of an ambitious marketing or digital creative agency or Startup:
Portfolio strategy, new business pitches, award show applications & making a name for yourself in the industry – resulting in press and new business.
(I helped a small agency win countless awards and new clients, scale from one office to 3 offices and a roster of big global clients and lead to a highly lucrative exit to a big network agency.)

I've been professionally trained to quickly understand and develop creative ideas for new products, services, audiences and most of all, brands – meaning that if you have a unique business or career challenge, or want to get to the next level creatively, I'm the person to help you solve it through strategic creativity and impactful innovation.

My experience includes co-developing brand-new startups from the ground up, helping established global brands like Mercedes-Benz, and xBox and everything in-between and my work has been awarded at industry-leading event and led to funding from highly competitive government programs, Silicon Valley executives and highly profitable businesses and exits.

I've been hired to help lead agencies & startups in London, New York, Berlin, and Singapore and was fortunate enough to learn from some of the most awarded creatives in the world – and am now excited to help you play on the same level. (for full details click on the LinkedIn logo in my profile)

Industries I've developed product and brands strategies for:
✅ Insurance, Finance & Crypto
✅ IoT & Wearables
✅ SaaS & Software Products
✅ Healthcare & MedTech
✅ Food & Beverages
✅ Fashion & Lifestyle
✅ Automotive & Sports
✅ Aviation & Travel
✅ Entertainment & Pets
✅ Startups & Scale-ups
✅ Fortune 500s & B2B

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