Aike Festini

CEO & Founder @ Rebels With A Cause
Multi-award winning serial Entrepreneur, Venture Partner @ a VC firm and seasoned Mentor with 20+ years of XP
Switzerland Active 10 months ago


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I'm a passionate, compassionate, and curious serial entrepreneur who has been awarded multiple tech awards for my previous startup LuckaBox Logistics, featured by CNN, Forbes, Wired Magazine etc. I'm currently the founder of Rebels With A Cause, offering scaling and innovation strategies for SMEs and Scale Up Startups and MaverX, the upskilling platform connecting ambitious mentees with experienced mentors. I also acts as executive coach for startups via Swiss Innosuisse and Venturelab and SME leaders in the digital sphere and mentor other executives and entrepreneurs as they build their businesses. Furthermore, I've recently joined a Venture Capital firm as Venture Partner.

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