Alessandro Cavaliere

Startup Marketer
7 years of full focus helping startups through their marketing journey
Italy Active 10 months ago
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My name’s Alessandro, from Milan, Italy.

I’m a Startup Marketing Partner and I spent the last 7 years of my life supporting startups in their marketing journey.

My ultimate Mission has always been to value founders’ ideas by making them more understandable and attractive to customers and investors.

My approach is very Startup-specific.
I support founders in gaining back control over their marketing, cutting waste, and getting to the next milestone quicker and more efficiently.

I make their startup journey safer by adopting the right systems from early on and defining, measuring, and interpreting the right KPIs, which makes it possible to save time and money, building solid foundations for scaling.

Lastly, I empower companies to maximize the results driven by their marketing channels by unlocking the hidden potential that lies in the combination between them.

I love working with early-stage/seed startups to carry out strategic marketing activities that raise their valuation and make them more foundable.

Do you think we could be a good fit? I'd love to get in touch with you!

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