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Hi there, I'm Alex, a serial founder, product geek and builder.

I've sold 4 businesses within the last 12 months and am currently the co-founder of — an AI startup helping companies leverage ChatGPT using their own data to make their teams more efficient.

My entire career has been focused on building and launching products — predominantly web and mobile apps.

I raised $1.5m for my previous startup (B2C travel startup), which I sold after 4 years. I then built and sold a small startup during my paternity leave after exiting Pluto.

I then started to dive deep on AI, specifically generative AI models like GPT3/4 and embeddings models (semantic search), and how these can be leverage by companies (B2B) trying to tackle specific use cases.

I work hands-on with these technologies alongside my development team, so have a practical and detailed understanding of how individuals and companies can start using AI.

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