Allison Zadrozny

Lead Designer & Software Engineer III @ One More Cloud

I am the Lead Designer and a Senior Software Engineer responsible for the design, UI, and UX (and much of frontend Rails codebase) of the SaaS apps and I have 7 years experience, hyper-fueled by excellent mentors and an unquenchable thirst for learning. My approach to design work is based on scientific experimentation, exploring cognitive bias, having a strong sense of character and principles, and making the web more humane for people.

My work is primarily focused on applying Jobs Theory to product research and UI/UX, marrying my unique multidisciplinary bridge between design and engineering to ship software that has demonstrable value. If you're an engineer looking to beef up your skills, or a designer trying to learn how to navigate and work with engineering teams, I can help you learn how to ask the right questions, focus your research, and make progress in your work output and your career.

If you're looking for a results-focused, action-oriented mentorship process and honest, straightforward conversations, I'm excited to be your design mentor. I likewise ask my mentees to be frank, inwardly critical, and committed to personal growth.

Not every mentor/mentee relationship is meant to be. If after a few sessions you don't feel like we're making progress on your goals, we will part ways — no pressure nor hard feelings.

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