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Andreea-Daniela Ene

Senior Product Designer @ UiPath
Romania Active 2 months ago


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Hello 👋! My name is Andreea, I am a Sr. Product Designer at UiPath, designing user experiences in Studio, one of the most popular tools for automation.

Previously I designed several products, mainly on mobile, like sports training, shipment tracking, jobs hunting, or event apps for festivals. I am an advocate of Design Thinking methods, which I have studied at Aalborg University in Denmark and Leiden University in The Netherlands.

I have a passion for clean design and mobile applications, and I love working in Figma (previously Sketch & Adobe XD).

As your mentor, I can help you with:
- Getting ready for interviews
- Building your portfolio
- Rocking your resume and LinkedIn profile
- Learning the tools that you prefer

A little bit about me 👩‍🎨:
- I studied Computer Science so I might get a bit nerdy (though I don’t code anymore)
- I had a start-up to help children with learning difficulties (that won a bunch of competitions)
- I take singing and acting classes
- I speak Spanish - but I’m still in the process of learning
- I’m in love with specialty coffee
- I take different crafty or design-related courses in my city or on Domestika (brush lettering, ceramics, comics)

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