Andreea Macoveiciuc

Partner Marketing Manager @ Yokoy
Marketing strategy for SaaS startups and scaleups
Netherlands Active 4 months ago


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Content strategy and marketing for SaaS

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I do marketing and content strategy for SaaS companies. I prefer early-stage startups and scaleups, but I'm happy to support established companies as well. Happy to guide on ABM/inbound methodologies, as well as brand strategy, marketing strategy, or team setup.

I specialize in bringing clarity to content chaos by mapping the strategy and processes in a clear big picture, connecting the dots, finding gaps, and then making sure that all the teams and channels work together for the same end goal.

I'm currently building the partner marketing strategy for the partner ecosystem at Yokoy, a FinTech scaleup that puts spend management on autopilot. Happy to share ideas and my approach on partner acquisition (marketing to partners), development (onboarding, enablement), and co-marketing (marketing with and through partners).


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