Currently owns Black Mountain, a creative product development company aimed at helping small businesses grow. Works with devscale as Head of Product/Client Services and Dogtown Media as Product Lead. Previously served as VP of Technology for Bridge, a financial technology startup. Also served as Creative Director and Director of Product Development of Blue Horizon Products.

Served in many hands-on, leadership, advisory and consulting roles for startups, growing businesses, and technology centered companies. Has led projects and managed teams for the past 9 years ranging from small-scale websites to large, multi-stakeholder platforms. He's also worked with and managed mostly remote teams ranging from project managers, product owners, and designers, to developers, to QA. Has started 4 successful companies in technology, products, marketing and media.

In the rare occasion he's not working, he loves the outdoors. He can usually be found outside with his dogs, mountain biking, hiking, or just enjoying life underneath a tree.

Attended the University of Arkansas for Broadcast Journalism. He then went back to Columbia for Information Technology and Web Design.

Has worked in many fields including broadcast news, radio, newspaper, video production, advertising, web design, digital design, product development, application development, application design, and project management.


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