Andriy Malenkov

Product Team Lead @ JE Takeaway
10+years in product management
Germany Active this month
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12+ years of product management experience spanning multiple leading roles in Fortune 100 companies and venture-backed startups across the world. I've got a background in financial math & management that helps me to make more rational data-driven decisions rather than using gut feeling.

Passionate about users, consumer behavior, UX, and growth hacking. I strongly believe that great products are made when the two things collide when you design a pain killer product that alleviates user's problems and you use your product yourself.
A strong supporter of growth hacking techniques when those techniques are applied to foster and promote the product that achieves a product-market fit.

My thoughts on being a better product leader:” To be a better product manager, you need to be a well-rounded person, who is adept not only in soft staff but who knows how the technology works under the hood”.

As a hobby, I used to code different real-life situations using Python and solve math puzzles using the Brilliant app that allows me to stay sharp and focused. Currently, I’m more into mentorship and developing product strategy that is based on addressing key problems to come closer to the company vision.
I am also a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, an organization for design professionals and Product Mentors



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