Anish B

Director of Product @ Swayable
Director of Product at YC startup | Angel Investor | ex-Amazon Product Lead
United States of America Active 6 months ago


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Hi there! I'm the Director of Product at Swayable, a YC (W18) startup in the AI/adtech space in Silicon Valley. I've spent the last 6 years in product management, honing my skills at both Big Tech (ex-Amazon) and startups. Before that, I studied engineering and dabbled in a bit of everything - including entrepreneurship and marketing - in India.

I'm passionate about building innovative customer solutions and business models that merge technology, behavioral understanding, and top-notch teams. In my free time, I enjoy mentoring early-career PMs (or anyone looking to crossover into product or startup land) and sharing my experiences. So whether you're a seasoned PM looking for a sounding board, or anyone preparing for (or evaluating) a PM role, I am here to help!


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