If you are interested in switching career or growing in the product area - I'd love to help!

As a marketing technology leader with over 7 years of experience, I have switched from being a strategy consultant, to an innovation manager, to a product owner. I can help you find your path, achieve your professional goals and reach the next step of your career.

I am a problem solver - at ease in complex environments. I know how to:
- manage and influence senior stakeholders
- work with technical teams onshore and offshore
- work with different product teams to deliver integrations between different technologies
- dream big and start small

I enjoy helping others to achieve their potential. Feel free to reach out if you want insights on the day to day of a product owner, learn the basis of product management, discuss how to overcome a challenging situation (team management, process optimization, product delivery or adoption). I'll be happy to guide you on your product journey.


Mentorship Plan

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