Anubhav Singh

Senior Software Engineer @ Amazon
9 years of work experience in building large scale distributed systems.
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Thanks for stopping by. A little about me, I love programming, building systems and prototyping. My average code commit is close to 200k+ lines each year and I follow very pragmatic approach. I believe in learning by doing. You can't learn basketball just by watching people play and then jump in the court to be the best!! Then why the same approach for programming and system designing. I believe people are smart and just need to see how things work, the knowledge from there would automatically follow through experiments.

I can be of better help through 1-1 targeted sessions.

1. Tell me the design / concept you want to understand. You can share a design document / research paper too.
2. Schedule session with me where I can review the design or can show you a similar service in action.
3. Further discuss how you can start on your own journey for further dive deep and experimentation.

I am always available through LinkedIn in case you want to stop by.

Reference of systems:
1. Distributed system practices
2. Scalable APIs (security, design pattern, caching, throttling (user, concurrency, load based)
3. Streaming systems (data, video, etc)
4. Data stores (nosql, sql, time series, filesystems, object storage, etc)
5. Compute (scaling compute hosts, Containerizing services (ECS, Kubernetes, etc), autoscaling, serverless)
6. Batch Processing (Spark, MapReduce, High-performance computing - Data sharding vs model sharding)
7. Streaming Analytics (Apache Flink)
8. Machine Learning Infrastructure (data pipelines, training/adaptation workflows, scalable inference and impact of compute)
9. Workflow systems
10. Distributed Notification and Queuing system
11. Analytics (Serverless, data formats, etc)
12. Idea behind how replication, partitioning, consensus, co-ordination services all work together
13. VPC and secure networking.
14. Taking care of compliance
15. Ah LeetCode.
16. So much more!! Things are changing everyday!!

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Hi, unfortunately I have to end the mentorship, because I see that we can't schedule meetings due to different time zones and/or other reasons and get appropriate support. I see that I can't proceed towards my goals as expected. Thank you for your help!

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