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Aria Zhang

Consultant, Corporate Strategy Office
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As an ex-recruiter, I have expertise in providing all guidance during job search.

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Job Search Guru: My career began in talent acquisition, giving me 5 years of insider knowledge on how recruiters review applications and interview candidates. I can leverage my expertise to help you craft a resume that shines and ace interviews with confidence. I'll guide you through the entire process, from resume review and interview prep to offer negotiation.

Career Transition Coach: I successfully pivoted from talent acquisition to management consulting after getting an MBA and then transitioned into a strategy role in tech sector. This journey equips me to help you navigate your own career change. Considering an MBA or a new direction? I can guide you through evaluating options and developing a personalized roadmap to achieve your goals.

Workforce Re-entry Champion: As a parent myself, I understand the challenges of re-entering the workforce. I'm passionate about supporting new parents. Together, we'll craft strategies to balance your career aspirations with family life. I'll help showcase your transferable skills and build your confidence for a successful return.

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1 month

Aria is an incredible mentor! Before I started with her, I had been overwhelmed and not very confident in my career search strategy and interview prep, and my industry has very rigorous interview processes. With Aria's mentorship, I grew in my interviewing abilities and confident mindset. She also helped me with planning clear action steps I could take in my preparation, as well as think through professional paths from a long term, strategic perspective. Overall, she has greatly contributed to my professional growth, and I would highly recommend her!

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