I am Arushi Singhal, Software Engineer at Amazon European Headquarter.

I have a keen interest in Algorithmic Problem Solving and have been programming for around 7 years now. I interned in Summer 2019 at Google as a Software Engineer. In Summer 2018, I did a Machine Learning internship at Robert Bosch Engineering and Private Limited, Bangalore, India (RBEI). I have multiple experiences of back-end development for large-scale systems. During my internships, I worked with Python and machine learning libraries in Python, Java, gRPC, Protocol Buffer, Google Guice and Google’s Internal Frameworks, Django, Ruby on Rails.

I have also contributed to many open-source projects, including the Linux Kernel. I have submitted over 100 patches to kernel code. My other contribution to Open Source can be seen on my GitHub Profile. I am also passionate about mentoring and motivating people to contribute to open-source projects and was Google Code-In Mentor in 2017 for OpenWISP and Sugar Labs. I also worked as a Computer Science Instructor at CodeConnect, where we as an instructor ensure that our computer science education is accessible, empowering, and supportive for the next generation, and committed to our mission of increasing diversity in tech. In CodeConnect, I gave Python lectures to Pre-University students.

I also used to be a Student Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant and I find teaching/mentoring extremely motivating - sometimes I'd get introduced to new interesting topics that I'd probably never think of finding out about on my own if it wasn't for the purpose of explaining it to someone else. Sometimes I'd get a completely new perspective on subjects I thought I knew when trying to find a way to present it to someone else. I'd really love to keep learning this way.

One of the topics I'm always happy to talk about are the interviews - I've done a fair share of them, most of them in top tech companies and I would love to share what I've observed so far. I'm always up for tackling interesting interview questions, doing mock interviews or just giving resume tips (I got my interviews at Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and also at open-source communities without a referral, so I might help you with reviewing your resume to make it stand out. :))

Other than that, you can always reach out to me if you have questions related to Java, Python, R, Matlab, C, C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, SQL, GIT, Mathematics etc. I try to keep my knowledge and skills up to date and learn something new every day by helping you!

Being a researcher, quick learner and having software development experience, I believe I am a good fit for mentoring.



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