Brielle Franklin

Co-Founder & Chief People Officer @ Hireworks
Talent Leader, Personal Branding Expert, Job Search Navigator, and Holistic Career Coach
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Hey there, I'm Brielle - both a mentee and a mentor on MentorCruise. I found MentorCruise when I was at a crossroads in my career. As a talent acquisition leader and organizational design strategist, I've always gravitated to early stage startups. However, when it came time to start my own business, I realized that working *for* a startup was quite a bit different than being a founder of a startup.

While this is my first foray into entrepreneurship, it is far from my first rodeo as a coach. I've led programs for university students about to graduate find their first job "in the real world" and I've worked with countless executives at the peak of their career to reevaluate their professional blockers and ambitions and decide and land what's next.

I realize that today's market has left nearly all job seekers - from those who need a job YESTERDAY because they have a family to feed and mortgage to pay.... to those who are are employed but no longer feel challenged - feeling deflated. The good news is, there are more open positions out there than the typical job boards would have you believe. The better news is, I not only can help you find those elusive resources, but can also help you land the job you deserve.

My mentor helped me navigate the mindset shift I needed to launch my own business and just as he guided me through that career change, I am thrilled to be here to pay it forward.

If you've made it this far and resonate with the job seekers above, you can take a deep breath and let go of some of that tension in your neck (that you've probably gotten so used to that it barely phases you!). Your search to date was far from a waste, but rather the first step. Let's take this next [and last] one together :)

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