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Calum Brannan

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Entrepreneurs looking to build and scale an idea or intrepreneurs looking to progress in startups

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With over $10 million raised in venture and debt funding across three distinct businesses:

About me

• Founded, grew and exited the UK's largest digital property management firm.
• Launched and exited a British social media management platform, rivaling Hootsuite.
• Created a thriving social network, reaching over 500,000 users without a marketing budget.
• Successfully led two major company acquisitions, enhancing business growth and market presence.
• Hired and managed hundreds of talented individuals, building diverse and effective teams.
• Established global offices, including strategic outsourcing abroad.

Why trust me as your mentor?

• No-nonsense, fair advice tailored to your goals. I prioritise understanding and aligning with your ambitions.
• Experienced startup builder with lessons from my own challenges.
• My unique journey, beginning my first business at 16, has given me a distinctive work ethic and empathy.
• Passionate about supporting under-represented groups.

While not the cheapest option on Mentorcruise, I am deeply invested in your success and development.

I can help with:

• Getting your idea off the ground: Idea validation, funding strategies, building your first team, legal considerations, and more.
• Accelerating your growth: Growth marketing, effective hiring and firing, personal development, product optimization.
• Exiting your business: Preparing for an exit, negotiating deals, and closing strategies.
• Your personal growth as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

What do you get out of mentoring?

• An unbiased ally in your corner.
• Insightful challenges and guidance leading to meaningful self-reflection and growth.
• Accountability: We'll set goals together and I'll help drive you towards achieving them.
• Complete confidentiality in all discussions and advice.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Calum is an absolute legend. He's extremely knowledgeable with insane experience, nothing that he didn't overcome in the past. Listening to him talking is like listening to Steve Jobs! His intelligence is beyond this world and will leave you thinking for weeks after the mentoring session! My experience so far had been nothing but positive and I just wish I came across him earlier. To simply explain what you can expect from him: Imagine you just opened an oil company and you're on a mission to find oil reserve to establish your first operations. Now since you have no experience it can take you a very long time before you even find oil. After years and years of searching you with no success you come across Calum. He is a local and he has the land knowledge and understands the operation. He not only shows you the route which you take to your first oil findings but he tells you the exact tools and machinery you'll need to extrapolate it and provides you with the logistical plan to distribution. Now he saved you time, operational expenses and fuel to get to your first clients. What not to expect He'd not do the work for you so don't expect him to find oil for you. I've founded a successful brand and I own a hospitality company and I've also been bankrupt twice and failed in 7 companies so I've yet got a lot to learn and a long way ahead. I'm now starting all over again from 0 and in a completely different country, with different culture, different regulations, absolutely nothing is the same so I was feeling very lost before I found Callum. He's been nothing but a life saver and I can't speak highly enough about him. I appreciate him and recommend him to anyone that needs guidance in his/her business either it's very established or only a start up, I guarantee that Calum will be able to help you navigate the ship to your desired destination! Best wishes



5 out of 5 stars

Calum is an excellent mentor, and even from just one session, it was clear that he comes well-prepared and engaged. He effectively uses practical examples to illustrate complex concepts, making the pitch deck review both informative and understandable. His focused approach in our session truly enhanced the overall experience.

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