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Diamantino Almeida

Senior Engineering Manager @ PPG
20+ years of experience in Engineering IT
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IT mentorship for entry/mid-level/expert level. Future-proof your IT career wisely.

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I'm Tino, a seasoned Senior Engineering Manager with a rich history of success in navigating the realms of IT.

My journey spans over 20 years, and I am deeply passionate about helping engineers or anyone who wants to be part of this highly rewarding domain to transcend the ordinary.

I started my career as a Service Desk Engineer, progressing through roles such as System Administrator, Network Administrator, Implementation Engineer, Project Manager, Software Developer, Engineering Team Leader, Engineering Manager, and Senior Engineering Manager.

I possess considerable knowledge across various technology domains, which I believe I must share with everyone who might need insights on navigating this domain.

As a servant leader, I've successfully helped hundreds of engineers through mentorship and coaching, aiding them in achieving and materialising their aspirations.

I specialise in career development, structuring teams, agile coaching, growth and resilience mentality, product prioritisation, strategic planning, delegation process, remote team management, performance reviews, leading managers, learning optimisation, increasing accountability, finding your motivation, and understanding how to become valuable to companies.

You will benefit from personalised guidance in:
Career development,
Adopt and apply a growth mindset,
Apply strategic planning to your aspirations,
Adapt to remote and office work,
Improve your time management,
Coping with stress
Prioritise without burning bridges
Understand and apply communication strategies,
Use LinkedIn and other platforms to your advantage
and much more.

My wealth of knowledge across various technology domains ensures tailored support for your journey, empowering you to confidently transcend the ordinary and achieve your aspirations.

Feel free to drop me a message for any inquiries.

I hope to see you soon.

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