Diego Tondim Rocha

Solutions Architect @ Ryanair.com
.Net and cloud specialist with 12 years of experience
Portugal Active 3 months ago


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I've been working on the .net backend of ryanair.com with focus on SRE and architecture, our backend handles millions of requests a day, which gives me the challenge to deliver the best performance, the most resilient and available system as possible with low cost infrastructure.

Monitoring and observability with New Relic and other monitoring tools
Responsible for creating alerts, dashboards, playbooks and introduced Post-Mortem tickets to keep tracking about production incidents with actions which we follow up weekly.

Worked on the migration from on-prem to AWS
Worked with lambdas, step functions, and events to save costs and decouple some logic from the main monolithic app
Leading the backend redesign, moving towards Microservices, Kubernetes (EKS), GitOps and Event Driven Architecture with RabbitMQ, Kafka and AWS Services (EB, SNS, SQS).

Worked with most of the services in AWS, some of them are: EventBridge, SNS, SQS, MSK, AMQ, Lambdas, Step functions, RDS, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, EKS, Elastic Cache, EC2, ASG, API Gateway, ALB, NLB, VPCe, and many others

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