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I held my first HR roles in corporations; but then I discovered the joy of start ups! I am the founder of PeopleVy, a global HR Consultancy, where I help start ups thrive through their impact of their People.

I lead the People Function often setting it up from scratch and work with businesses to build engaged, happy teams.

I love the impact of a well set up People Team on the organisation, and especially how much influence we have on whether things are running successfully!

Outside of work; I am a mum to a 4-year old boy and a crazy cocker spaniel. In my spare time you will probably find me at the gym, doing a house project or travelling to new places!

I am here to mentor anyone looking to scale their Leadership, People and Operational impact. I would also love to assist other People Professionals on their career journey, whether it is to run through a project, be a sounding board or help navigate their steps in the People Profession.

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