Dávid Lévai

Fullstack Product Engineer @ Pier 418
Building an international digital agency, and SaaS apps in public.
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Full-stack Product Engineer building modern, production-ready apps for companies and myself.

Over the past decade, I've worked as a freelance full-stack developer mostly with startups and small businesses. In 2020 I decided to deepen my business and product knowledge, to build outstanding products.

As of now, I'm building production-ready products efficiently, and documenting my journey as a solopreneur product engineer.

## Why building in public?

- Following other people's journeys can teach you a lot. As well as you, I follow many other creators.
- Being active on social media and building in public allowed me to be part of a club that prioritizes shipping and giving value.

## What's here?

Videos, tutorials, actionable tips & tricks about product engineering and solopreneurship.

## What I'm working on currently?

1. Building indie products and documenting the process on Twitter & YouTube
2. Helping companies with product engineering
3. Mentoring developers to become solopreneurs
4. Developing open-source dev tools

## I am available for:

- public speaking
- content collaboration
- mentoring
- consulting & product engineering

## Am I available for freelance work/employment/co-founding/gardening?

Currently, I'm **not** available for employment-based work. However, **I'm happy to help with consulting or full-stack product engineering**.

**For consulting**: I'm available maximum 3 days a week. My daily rate is $800.

**For product engineering**: Minimum project engagement is $15,000 & 3 months.

### How do I decide about a project if it sounds exciting?

I follow the **"Hell yeah! or No"** principle.

## Where am I?

I'm a digital nomad, but I'm not traveling much these days. I'm currently spending my time in Europe


More background & experience:

**My background as a Product Engineer:** I design and develop business-goal oriented, user-centered digital products using battle-tested technologies. That's what I've been doing for 12 years so far. I also often experiment with new tech.

**My background as a Content Creator:** I love sharing my experiences with others, so I make tutorials, share stuff on Twitter, and occasionally release a video. The main topics are engineering great products, and how not to die as a solopreneur.

**My background as an Entrepreneur:** I've managed small & medium-sized product teams between 2018-2023 and ran a US-based international product agency with ~50 contractors. I managed and oversaw product engineering projects from sales to design & development, to marketing.

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