Eliska B. Foltynova

Financial Director @ RUBIKON Centrum | Founder of EBFconsulting.eu
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Leading a team or a small company can be scary. You are dealing with strategic planning and daily operations at the same time. And that's where me and my team can help you.

I have over 10 years of experience transforming various finance and accounting departments. During my career, I have recognized that the company's most valuable assets are its employees. At the same time, they are also the most underrated. That's why I am passionate about nurturing and developing leadership skills among professionals like you. In addition to finance management & leadership, I have prior expertise in managing and administering subsidy projects as well as optimizing internal corporate processes, such as when transitioning to new accounting software or embracing digital transformation.

What are the issues I can help you with?
- Communication&negotiation skills (be confident in verbal communication);
- Time management (organise, plan and schedule time effectively);
- Team building and team management skills (build a dream team);
- Leadership skills (inspire and motivate your team);
- Financial knowledge (you will never be lost in accounting and finance again);
- Business operations in general.

I believe that there are no obstacles in life, only challenges that we either decide to overcome or simply refuse to accept. None of those options are bad, and it's up to us which one we select. Have you decided to accept the challenge? My company will guide you towards success. Let's get in touch with EBF guidance & consulting, s.r.o.

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