Ellie Linehan

VP Solutions @ Canvas GFX
3D Product Expert | VP Solutions at Canvas GFX
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I am currently VP Solutions at a Series A Startup. I have experience in aerospace design and manufacturing, 2D/3D visualization, enterprise B2B SAAS products, agile product management, technical sales & partnerships and scaling startups.

I can help those looking to make a career switch from engineering to product management or to a startup executive role. We can identify the right next step, work on any blind spot you may have and make sure you have the confidence needed to show up as your best self in the next stage of your career.

I was once responsible for every colleague in my "cube" leaving their current role within a month by quietly encouraging them to just go for it - dreams become reality really quick when you share them.

I believe in identifying a product/development/sales approach that focuses on a painful problem and a visionary story. In other words, a bigger "Why" in all we do. This can create an impactful and rewarding career that impacts the world.

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