Emiliano Zublena

Chief Software Engineer @ Morsum LLC
Argentina Active yesterday


IΚΌm Emiliano Zublena, a passionate Software Engineer native from Argentina, and currently living as a Nomad somewhere in the globe 🌐. I have been creating software since 15yrs old πŸ”ž , started with Basic, Dolphin, Pascal and the likes, moved to the PHP world, danced with Javascript(and NodeJS) and currently in an intense love relationship with Golang -which if you haven't tried, i soooo urge you to try it-

- πŸ†“ Started working as a freelance/consultant and building teams for startups in Argentina
- πŸ‘₯ Co-founded my startup (Nubazon) which provided a SaaS for building e-commerce websites for small entrepreneurs
- πŸ—½ Moved into the international market, where i've worked mainly on backend roles.
- πŸ‘« I'm a team player guy, or so my team mates say i am
- 🧠 I have an attitude of knowledge-sharing and mentoring
- πŸ†• I love to deep dive into new technologies and/or research on cutting edge tech stacks for solving problems in the best way we can
- πŸ‘· Currently i'm Chief Software Engineer @Morsum, a New York based company.
- πŸ‘ And also contributing to:
- AsyncAPI initiative
- Donator and current maintainer of the AsyncAPI PHP template
- Contributor of AsyncAPI Go template
- Member of the AsyncAPI Technical Steering Committee
- Maintainer of the Sheetsu PHP SDK
- πŸ“° I like to write articles of whatever it is that i'm learning -either tech related or not- in my medium account


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