Evelyn Chou

Product & Operations @ Coursera | ex-Uber
15+ experience in operations, product, and analytics
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Hello! I’m Evelyn. With more than 15 years of experience across different industries, I have built data products, navigated complex compliance challenges, and launched features in different cities. My career has been a tapestry of growth and impact. When I was at Capital One, I managed a team shipping analytics features and enabling digital transformation. When I was at Uber, I worked on the Growth team responsible for understanding the complexity of major cities’ acquisition funnels and helped the team navigate through regulatory challenges. With Coursera, I am building rigor and processes to supercharge growth through product innovation.

Aside from my industry background, I also have been an individual contributor and people manager. From navigating workplace dynamics to building a team from scratch at a conservative company, I can relate to the yearning to grow and find an authentic voice. I am fortunate to be connected with the product community, and I constantly look for ways to give back through sharing career advice and mentoring.

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