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Fatima Taj

Senior Software Engineer @ Yelp
Senior Software Engineer.
Canada 5.0 (2 reviews) Active this week


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Hi! My name is Fatima, and I'm a Senior Software Engineer (backend) at Yelp.

Here are some quick facts about me:

- I graduated from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in September 2019, with a Bachelors in Mathematics.

- I finished a Masters in Data Science in Dec 2023.

- I did 4 internships during my undergrad, ranging from working at a semiconductor company to a trading firm.

- My first full-time role was as a Software Developer at DRW, a trading firm, and I worked there for 2 years.

- I joined Yelp in October 2021.

- In 2022, I spoke at over 80 hackathons across North America.

- I've delivered talks at the Women Who Code Connect Event 2022, Black is Tech Conference 2022 and 2023, Tapia Conference 2022, Women of Silicon Roundabout 2022 (London's biggest event for women in technology), Scale (Southern California Linux Expo) 2023, WITS MidAtlantic (Women in Tech Summit) 2023, NDC Copenhagen Developer Festival 2023, Agile 2023 and delivered a keynote at cdCon+GitOpsCon 2023.

Come chat with me about: Technical Interviews, Public Speaking, Women in Tech, Mentorship, Career Growth, Imposter Syndrome, Career Progression in Tech and much more!

Please come prepared with your questions. It would be even better if you could share them with me in advance, just so I can be a bit well prepared :)

In case of rescheduling/cancellations, please let me know in advance.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Working with Fatima as my mentor has been an incredibly enriching experience. Her approach to mentorship is both inspiring and practical, offering clear, actionable advice that has directly impacted my skills and confidence.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
1 month

Fatima is a great mentor. She is patient and encouraging. I have started practicing mock interviews with her and have been learning a lot while I do them. She has been very helpful with filling in gaps in my knowledge and makes it a very enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her!

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