Florent Petitfrere

Head of Marketing @ Pexapark

My background.
Currently working as the Head of Marketing for a venture-backed SaaS in the renewable energy industry.

Going from series A to series B, and from a dozen of people in the company to +80, I’ve learned many things along the way. And I’m happy to share these learnings with you.

Prior to working in Marketing, I spent 10 years as a Photographer & Art Director between Paris, Milan and Hong kong. I worked with numerous artists, from NBA player Lebron James to famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

For whom this mentorship is and why.
I offer mentorship specifically for people working in Marketing, as this is where I can provide the most value.

Especially in the following domains:
• Marketing strategy (B2B)
• Demand generation
• Content marketing
• Digital marketing
• Branding

If you work with me, here is what you can expect:
• Straight-forward and actionable advice
• I’m exigent with myself and the people I work with

I'm not here for the money (the only fees you pay are for Mentorcruise)

Mentorship Program


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