Harry O'Connor
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Founder / CEO / Owner @ multiple digital agencies

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Helping digital agencies, creative & marketing freelancers and web designers build a sustainable business and get clients, fast.

Founder of 2 successful digital agencies, a consultancy practice & more with over 20 years experience.

From my mentees:

"Since working with Harry, monthly turnover has increased over 300% as a direct result of the changes we’ve discussed and actioned together."

"As a result of working with Harry and the referrals he sent our way, which were greatly received, we went from a struggling agency to a growing agency."

"Harry has had a ton of experience in digital agencies, which shows in his advice. I highly recommend Harry as a mentor, especially if you run a digital agency yourself."


• Get your first decent paying clients

• Teach you how to create a sales pipeline of continuous work

• Scale your business from freelancer, sole trader or small team to an agency generating over 6-figures and beyond

• Share with you how to generate more, higher value business

• Help you understand and increase your value so you can charge more and be paid what you are worth

• Help you to define your niche and positioning

• Referrals - I often refer work to my mentees that do not suit my own agencies, often smaller website builds (sub $10,000), consultancy, SEO, PPC etc.

• Most importantly, I can help you build and improve on your existing business so that it works for you, not the other way around.


For years I struggled growing my first agency and I had no one to guide me. It was such a hard, lonely and stressful time for me. Getting clients, managing them, hiring staff, managing them, delivering the work, finances - I struggled with all of it and it nearly killed me. Often I thought about giving it all up and getting a job. It was only later when I hired a mentor did I realise the immense power of tapping into someone's vast and specific experience.

Whereas my first agency took many years to grow to a point where by it was profitable, my second agency hit 6-figures within just 24 months. I now have a personal income over 6-figures and a lifestyle and business that I can manage at an enjoyable, mostly stress-free pace. I've helped my mentees on here increase their sales significantly, in one case as much as a 50 x increase in project size.

I'm confident that if you listen and act on what we will explore together, you will make a significant difference to your business within a few months, vastly more than the cost of working together.

Whilst my businesses are in the UK, and I visit my team and clients frequently, I’m able to live in the Algarve, Portugal, with my family. I have a business structured around my needs, working for me, not the other way round. I want to share this kind of life-changing success with others with similar goals, as I know just how impossible, difficult and lonely it can feel.



What students say

"Harry has had a ton of experience in digital agencies, which shows in his advice. He recognizes and expresses clearly common pitfalls in each stage of a digital agency's business and provides actionable and practical advice so you can make a positive impact on your business immediately. I highly recommend Harry as a mentor, especially if you run a digital agency yourself."
Matthew, April 2022
5 stars
"Harry is not only a perfect fit for me when it comes to knowledge/expertise, but he's also friendly, quick to reply, inspiring, and eager to get the best out of his mentees! Thanks Harry."
Harry, June 2022
5 stars
"Harry is a knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, and qualified professional who will provide you with tailored advice and tips to help you improve. Very supportive in helping improve my marketing agency."
Gbola, April 2022
5 stars
"I am very happy with the mentorship that I received from Harry. He has a wealth of experience running digital agencies and can guide you on the right path in order to navigate this domain. He structures the right plan for you to get up and going and motivates you by checking in and leaving feedback on your tasks."
Josh, April 2022
5 stars


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