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Nathan Webster

Nathan Webster

Principal Consultant @ Daemon

Nathan Webster is a professional in DevOps and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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As a hiring manager, an IC and a CTO leading international products there are a lot of experiences to draw on and its been my pleasure to see those I've worked with from bootcamp graduates and recent grads go on to become founding engineers and founders. Across every experience one …

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Amrit Sarkar is working in the tech space for the last 7+ years in developer and managerial roles, currently as Engineer at Apple. Amrit has contributed more than 50+ patches in ASF projects. He has trained more than 500 peers in Search space in Lucene, Solr, Docker and Kubernetes in …

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Graduated from Computer Software Engineering and over 14+ years of industry experience in System Software Technologies with the following highlights: - Certified GCP Cloud Architect - Founder of a start-up (FileCorn) (Acquired) that aims to provide easy to use cloud object storage API services for SMB and startups. - Worked …

$60 / month

I am a pragmatic software engineer with 20+ years of experience, passionate about simplicity, operational and engineering excellence, DevOps, distributed systems and computer science. I am also a teacher and mentor at heart, which allows me to connect with software engineers, managers and tech product leaders of all levels of …

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Hi there 👋 ^^ I'm Aymen and I am an SRE / DevOps Mentor, Engineer, and Engineering Manager. I help my mentees in their SRE and DevOps journey by working on real-world projects, they learn by doing how to provision Cloud Native Platforms in the Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure,..) using …

$220 / month
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Hey, I'm Branden! I'm a Full Stack Engineer at the New York Times with 7 years of experience. I have a passion for learning new technologies and methodologies within the extensive computer world. I'm offering my service as a mentor because I want to see people flourish in this industry …

$80 / month
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Hi!!! 👋 Sourav is a Senior Software Engineer in AMEX. I have previously worked for IBM. He is a full-stack developer specializing in building high-scalability, high-resilience distributed systems. Sourav will help you with to prepare coding interviews, System Design for FAANG and other top product companies and Coding Bootcamps all …

$100 / month
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André has been working as a software engineer, for more than 16 years, with companies like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, American TV network NBC, and energy drink Monster Energy. He has provided technical direction to countless startups, and managed teams of over 20 people. Currently, he helps other software engineers to …

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