Himanshu Jain

Founder @ MantraCare
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I am Himanshu Jain, an entrepreneurial spirit driven by a passion for nurturing innovation and guiding individuals through the intricate paths of startup development, fundraising, and leadership. My diverse background and a track record of success have positioned me as a sought-after mentor in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

My commitment to cultivating a thriving startup culture fuels my engagement with individuals eager to transform their ideas into successful ventures. I currently run a tech mental health startup with more than 150 employees

Having navigated the challenges and opportunities inherent in the startup landscape, I bring a profound understanding to the table. As a trusted advisor, I leverage my experience to provide practical insights into fundraising strategies, helping entrepreneurs secure the capital necessary for business growth.

Leadership is a cornerstone of my success, and I am enthusiastic about sharing my skills with aspiring leaders. Whether it's crafting a compelling vision, building high-performance teams, or making critical decisions, my mentorship extends beyond theory to offer practical guidance based on real-world experiences.

Those who have had the privilege of benefiting from my mentorship describe me as approachable, insightful, and dedicated to their success. My goal is to empower individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, blending strategic thinking with hands-on guidance to drive tangible results.

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