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Ido Cohen

Founder @ Fluento
Ex-Microsoft, Permutive (YC14), Previously VP product at Dreamdata
United Kingdom Active last month


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Hey, I'm Ido.

I'm currently the founder of Fluento, which is a generative AI language learning platform.

Previously I spent 10 years in different product leadership position, mostly working on super-technical products. I started my product career at Google where I was part of the team that built the knowledge graph - a data platforms that served millions of super relevant search results.

In 2016 I joined Microsoft to be part of the team that built the Office Graph - an AI capability that used business data to enhance every Office 365 experience, like for example, suggesting the most relevant file to attach to an Outlook email based on your interactions with the recipient of the email.

In 2018 I finally made the switch to the startup world. I first joined Permutive - a startup that replaces 3rd party cookie data with AI generated data. as Head of Product I led a portfolio of 15 products; set product strategy coached cross-functional teams.

In 2021 I joined Dreamdata - a B2B marketing platform that helps scale-ups understand how the efforts they are making - ads, blogs, sales calls and more, convert businesses into paying customers.

In between - I forgot to mention, I spent 2 years at British Airways building APIs that generated over $100m in revenue.

Everything I've worked on has been super technical - AI, Data platforms and APIs, but - the part I mostly enjoyed was collaborating with very smart people around me.

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