James McClure

Founder @ Reload Ventures
C-level Tech Exec, Angel Investor and VC Scout
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I'm a highly experienced growth tech executive; working across scale-ups and major global internet giants.

I'm highly passionate about helping companies and executives grow, having built and scaled teams around the world. This is why I am heavily involved in angel investing, start-up mentoring and executive coaching.

I started my career in strategy consulting before joining Google in their Strategy/Finance team to grow EMEA Emerging Markets. After two years I moved to Australia to run AUNZ and APAC Marketing FP&A before moving to Singapore in a commercial role to be Head of Emerging Markets APAC. In four years we opened multiple offices and launched YouTube across markets like Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand.

I then moved back to my native UK to build Airbnb in UK and Northern Europe as their GM for four years, including a stint working directly for Brian Chesky leading Growth for Experiences at the launch.

I joined major ticketing provider SeatGeek to be regional CEO outside the US and to run their B2B Enterprise product. There we grew our customer base from a handful of sports teams to ticketing the majority of the Premier League including Liverpool and Man City, as well major US franchises like Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Subsequently I joined Adzuna as their Chief Commercial Officer to run the business across their 16 global markets; thriving and growing through the pandemic.

Outside of work you'll find me spending time with my young family, enjoying grime and hiphop and planning my next adventure having driven low powered vehicles across India, Indonesia and the Sahara Desert to raise money for charity



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