Jamie Boyle

Strategy and Product Consultant | Former Head of Product @ .

I have 13 years experience. An Oxford University graduate who went into Software Engineering, then moved into Product Management.

I have worked as a regular Product Manager, a Product Lead managing multiple teams, a Head of Product defining culture and processes and as a Board Advisor.

I am British and have mostly worked in London, although recently I was in Singapore for 2 years, and then in Dubai. So Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

I have wide experience, but in particular with startups / growth companies and in new product development. While I have experience in all areas, including UX, marketing / content and sales products, I have a particular interest in data, algorithms, logistics and construction.

I'm easy going, non-judgemental and just interested to learn about your challenges and see how I can help.

If you sign me as a mentor, the focus will be fortnightly calls where we work on your challenges and goals. Outside of that I'll be available for messaging to check in on progress or help deal with issues that come up.

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