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Data Scientist (MLOps) @ Bell

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Feeling not good enough? Don't think you are fit to be in the data science industry? Feeling lonely, stressed or even depressed? Wondering why you can't break into the industry? Wondering why no one is taking a chance on you? Considering additional education because you don't think you are qualified yet?

If "Yes" to any of the above questions, reach out, and let's talk.

I understand, I was in the same spot as you not too long ago, looking for any and all help.

What if I told you that all you need is 2 easy techniques to reach your goals?

After you break into the industry, what's next? I don't just want to help you in your career but how to shift your mindset, gain confidence plus be persistent and consistent to tackle any goal in life. Remember it's not your job title, the company you work for or your salary that makes you special and unique, it's you. If you only learn this one concept then I will be completely fulfilled.


I am a believer that everyone needs a mentor, regardless of the life stage they are in. You can always learn and grow from someone. I have been mentoring for years but really focused on it this last year, outside of MentorCruise.

Current & Past mentee's industries:
- Data Science (8)
- Software Engineer / IT (2)
- Environmental Science (1)
- Psychology (2)

- Quickest mentee to next position: 2 weeks
- Shortest time to make an impact: Within the first hour
- Reduced procrastination time by 87.5%

WHAT I CAN HELP YOU WITH (Heck, I might even join you!)
- Goal Planning
- Mindset Training
- Time-Management Techniques
- Prep & Mock Interviews - I have done 100+ interviews and have also been an interviewer (These used to be a weakness of mine)
- Code Reviews - Mainly Python, but R, SQL could do as well if needed
- Presentations & Telling a Story with Data - This is very important in the industry
- Project Planning - Brainstorming, planning. (In the process of becoming a Project Manager)
- Networking


I am a Data Scientist with a software engineering and statistics background who is really passionate about statistics, MLOps, solving difficult problems with data and motivating people to break out of their comfort zone to grow!


- For longer-term mentorship: 10 to 20 hours per week. - The more the better
- Come prepared to all meetings. - If there is a specific topic that you would like to talk about that I would need to prepare before, please give me 24 to 48 hours' notice. People who know me well would say I put 110% in everything I do, thus I expect you are prepared as well.
- Open communication - I am very understanding and I want to motivate and keep you accountable but this requires open communication.

TESTIMONIALS (** Under Construction ** - Coming soon)

Jaret was incredibly helpful for me in finding my first industry position. I jumped into job searching but wasn't very successful and then based on a friend’s recommendation, I contacted Jaret asking if he could mentor me in building a path to an entry-level position. Jaret was quick to respond and very willing to help. I didn’t have much experience to show, so having a strong mindset and direction to follow was key. Jaret helped me with this and also provided the mental guidance I needed to stay on track for my goals. Based on Jaret’s advice I spent the optimal time each day applying for jobs, practicing for interviews and optimizing my profile (Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and Github). This all helped immensely since a week after I began following this advice with my new profile, I got a great offer! I would most definitely recommend Jaret for anyone who is unfamiliar with how to enter the workforce with no relevant experience.

- Kushpret Viria, Oct 2021

I recently moved to Canada from India to pursue a post-graduation in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Even though I had 7 years of IT experience, I was struggling to break into the data science field. I met Jaret at one of the conferences and connected with him through LinkedIn. I requested him to mentor me to get Canadian experience in Data Science. He helped me to organize my goals, provided tips for my interviews, advised me how to get meaningful connections, reviewed my resume & Cover letter, and worked with me on a natural language processing project under his guidance. Under his mentorship, I was able to apply for openings not just by job posting but also by reaching out to people, which helped me land a data science freelancing job, a 2022 data engineer internship and a 2023 full-time position at Deloitte. For someone who is new to the job search, guidance is required. Almost everyone is equally capable, but we do not know where to concentrate our energy to get better outcomes. I achieved this under Jaret's guidance.

- Vimala P., Feb 2022

What students say

"It was very good. I had a good discussion with Jaret on the process and next steps."
Venkatasubramanian, June 2022
5 stars
"Jaret is a great mentor! He has a well organized mentorship program and I would recommend aspiring data scientists to definitely check it out."
Venkat, June 2022
5 stars


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