Jason Torbert

UX Manager, Ecomm Art Director (Front-End/UX/UI Design Instructor & Mentor) @ Vuori
Over 20 YEARS in Web Design & Front-End Web Development & Design Leadership (Visual, UI, UX, Product, Agency)
United States of America Active 6 months ago


$120 / month

Best suited for those just starting out in a digital design career or looking to be promoted.

3 calls per month

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Experienced Digital Art Director /Creative Director with a job history in the Apparel, Radio, SAAS, and Marketing industries. Skilled in leading both Design and Front-End teams, UI/UX Web Design, Front-End Development, Studio Photography Art Direction, Adobe Premiere and PHP/MySQL.

- Polish your design portfolio to impress design managers
- Improve your design skills
- Clean up your LinkedIn page
- Decide between a design or front-end career. Maybe both?
- Interview prep

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