Jean-Benoit Malzac

Head of Product @ Ava
Founder & Product Manager with over 8 years of experience
United States of America Active this month


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I lead a team of talented product managers, designers & crafters who are passionate about creating web and mobile experiences.
Founder with over 8 years of experience in product management, I have launched and scaled successful products in the fields of communication, accessibility, and entertainment.

My core competencies include developing product roadmaps, gathering customer feedback, managing projects, driving product launches from 0 to 1, and leading product teams. I also have a strong background in wire-framing (UX/UI), and design systems which enables me to deliver products that are user-friendly and engaging.

I'm always looking for opportunities to learn, develop, and innovate, and I'm excited to be part of revolutionizing the way people are interacting with technology.

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