Jeff Solomon Quick Responder

Entrepreneur, Investor & 5x Founder: 3 Exits, $35MM+ Venture Raised, 500+ Advisory Calls @ Professional Mentor/Teacher

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Why work with me? I have deep expertise in Saas, Venture, Angel & Seed Funding, Startup Accelerators, Content Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation, UX, B2B Software, Enterprise Sales, Bootstrapping. If I don't know, I'll tell you and won't waste your time, if I do know, I'll give it to you straight and quick. I speak firm and clear so you understand and I listen to what you have to say.
I mentor founders and entrepreneurs because I genuinely enjoy sharing my experience and helping others. I've had big wins, crash and burns and everything in-between. I'll share my successes and failures so you can learn and scale your business faster.

I'm new to this platform, but I've been taking advisory calls on for nearly 10 years. I've advised over 500 entrepreneurs and founders and have 300+ 5-Star Reviews there.

Here's how a mentorship arrangement goes with me on MentorCruise.

1 -- You submit an application for monthly mentoring
2 -- We chat briefly to confirm that my expertise is a fit for your needs
3 -- We both accept the agreement
4 -- The 7 day free trial begins
5 -- We have a 15 minute intro call where we get to know each other and review your needs and how I can help
6 -- If we both feel it's a fit, we proceed
7 -- You get 2-3 Zoom calls per month with me, access to my slack workspace and email for direct messaging as needed.
8 -- If not a fit, just cancel in the trial or at any time.

Simple as that.

Specifically as it relates to my experience:

I co-founded Amplify, Startup Accelerator (3 funds, $25MM raised, 8 exits for more than $100MM) and Velocify (formerly Leads360) sold for $128MM. Raised $35MM+ in venture capital. And I've had a startup fail miserably. I've angel invested in a dozen companies. I've seen over 3000 startups apply to Amplify and been pitched by hundreds of entrepreneurs. And have raised more than $50MM in aggregate seed and Angel funding for our portfolio companies.

I live and breathe startups and have a lot of experience helping and advising them. Talk to me about accelerators, incubators and raising seed capital. I've started 6 companies (1 failed, 3 sold, 1 killing it, 1 in hustle mode).

I angel invest personally and have raised venture capital, built a SaaS company from 0 to 100 employees and I'm also a father of 12 year old twins -- so I've got some parenting skills to boot.

I also developed an entrepreneurship course from scratch and have been teaching to high school students for 5 years. And I have a new online course on customer development launching in 2021.

Almost certainly I've experienced what you're going through at one time or another. And if I haven't, I'll tell you and won't waste your time. Start with a 10 minute introductory call and let's see how we vibe.

What students say

"Jeff has a great deal of experience and has provided me with some great advice regarding practical approaches to customer development and business development. His advice has saved me tons of time. Kudos for that!"
Alex, May 2021
5 stars
"Jeff's breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in the startup and tech industry have been instrumental in guiding our sessions. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations and hearing his stories on his successes and lessons learned as he navigated creating, developing, and exiting his startups. As a solo entrepreneur I have many questions and did not have anyone who could help answer them before Jeff. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with Jeff and am thankful for his guidance and mentorship. "
Kenton, June 2021
5 stars