Jesse Muraya

CEO @ Pong Agencies Limited
Kenya Active 3 months ago


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Entrepreneur and Technology enthusiast. I am a firm believer in how technology can be used to positively impact lives and businesses around us with a special focus on Africa. Passionate about learning and constantly looking for ways to grow my knowledge base as well as inspire others for growth.

CEO at Pong Agencies Ltd., a leading ICT systems integrator in the region. We believe in technology with purpose. To that effect we strive to ensure that technology is a mere tool to ensure that our clients are able to achieve and exceed their goals.

Co-founder at Startinev Limited. An organization formed to promote an innovative and vibrant community of entrepreneurs in Africa. Enabling innovators!

The C.E.O of Cosmos Trading Company Ltd., a specialized construction company. Our difference being how we utilize cutting edge technology to bring our clients efficiency within their projects.

Member of the Board of Directors for Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Nairobi County. A non-profit, autonomous, private sector membership based organization, (BMO).


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