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I’m John, a marketer, 2x entrepreneur with 1x exit, and I helped companies go from 0 to 7 figures. Currently a Co-founder of a 500 Startups-backed company. To this day, I help early-stage startups, accelerators, and investors with growth marketing.

My most recent achievements:

- Took my early stage b2b saas from 0 to 25k organic traffic per month in 6 months

- Took a B2B SaaS client of mine from 10k to 80k organic traffic per month

- 0 to 1000 signups per month under 6 months for my own saas business

- 0 to 500 signups per month in 3 months for B2B SaaS Company

- Product Hunt Golden Kitty Finalist in "Best Analytics Tools"

I work and mentor companies from:

- Y Combinator
- 500 Startups
- Plug and Play

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