As a passionate technologist who has walked the path from developer to co-founder/CTO at a successful B2B SaaS, I love how software can help us solve real world problems. I enjoy uncovering the real value of solving the problem, how to quantify it and turn it into a viable business model. I have experience in building out a world-class engineering practice and having people feel like they belong and take pride in their work, team and personal growth.

I am adept at building and rebuilding teams through various stages of scale, creating processes from scratch, empowering people in the team to grow into their next best self and creating alignment from top to bottom. I've seen successes and failures and have learnt to manage both, find a balance mentally through this and good tangible techniques that can help people walk the challenging path of entrepreneurship.

Ideally I'd like to work with mentees who:
- Are entrepreneurial
- Are keen learners
- Are ambitious
- Are looking for experience, help and/or a head start on their tech growth journey

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